Uni V3 Liquidity Locker

Unlocking Solutions: Addressing a Vital Gap in the Market

The Problem

Uniswap V3 poses a considerable complexity for both protocol developers and individuals looking to launch tokens. This has been particularly noticeable for users who want to leverage Uniswap V3's technology for token launches and liquidity provisioning (LP). We have identified a major gap for users utilizing the Uniswap V3 tech when launching a token and looking for where to lock their LP/Team tokens. There are currently no viable options for projects to both lock their tokens or liquidity while also taking advantage of Uni V3's fee structure.

This challenge presented an exciting opportunity for us to develop a solution that fills this gap, offering a valuable service to projects and investors alike. By bridging this divide, our aim is to empower teams to launch their tokens with confidence, knowing that their assets and liquidity are secure. Moreover, we are committed to providing investors with a superior fee structure that enhances their potential returns. By transforming this intricate challenge into a streamlined solution, we are confident that we can help our users navigate Uniswap V3 with ease and profitability.

The Cipher Solution

Our proposed solution enables projects to seamlessly secure their tokens and liquidity by integrating with Uniswap V3, minimizing the risks of unauthorized access or manipulation. This robust security mechanism establishes a solid foundation for projects, fostering trust and encouraging greater investor participation. Additionally, our platform incorporates an advanced fee structure that leverages the unique advantages provided by Uni V3. By utilizing our solution, investors can confidently engage in token launches, knowing they have access to an optimized fee structure that maximizes their investment gains.


Upon the successful launch of your presale, the following fees are applicable:

  • 1% of the total LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens locked is paid as a fee.

For subsequent actions, the fee structure is as follows:

  • Change Ownership: Free of charge.

  • LP Relock: Only a 0.5% fee is applied to the relocked LP tokens.

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