💼Cipher Token Sale

Token Sale Overview

The token sale for Cipher Terminal will be split into two distinct phases:

  1. Presale: This phase is an exclusive event where whitelisted users are given the opportunity to purchase tokens before they are available to the general public. This is typically reserved for strategic partners, early supporters, and value added investors who have shown a keen interest in Cipher Terminal.

  2. Public Sale: The public sale is open to the general public, allowing anyone to purchase tokens. This phase provides an equal opportunity for all interested parties to participate in the token sale.

Whitelist for Early Access to Public Sale

Cipher Terminal will offer whitelist spots prior to the Cipher Terminal Token Sale Event. Being on the whitelist grants participants the privilege to access the public sale earlier than those of the general community.

Whitelist spots will be fairly distributed to community members based on registration status, community involvement, and other factors. To register, participants will need to click 'register' on the presale page for beta access; which involves sending out a tweet with a unique code (alt accounts will be filtered out).

Please note there will be a small private sale administered prior to the Cipher Terminal token sale event that will be offered to KOLs, advisors, and other essential individuals.


All token purchasers prior to launch are subject to the following vesting period:

  • 50% at TGE and 50% vested over 2 days

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